Taza Restaurant Menu

Small Plates

Golgappa €9.95

Crispy shells stuffed with potato, chickpeas, red onion, medium spiced yoghurt & tamarind chutney. Bite-size explosions of pleasure! (medium spicy)

Molly Malone Masala €11.95

Cockles, Mussels & salmon cooked in sweet tomatoes, lightly spiced & finished with coconut milk & fresh dill. Comes with roti bread to mop up. (medium spicy)

Bashi Sticky Wings €10.95

Crispy fried chicken wings sautéed in garlic, ginger & chilli and tossed date molasses, tamarind & apple cider vinegar. Finished with red onion, red chilli, sesame seeds & coriander. (spicy)

Desi Fish €12.95

Fresh haddock fillets marinated in ginger, garlic & house spices. Deep fried & served with cumin peas & caper chutney. (medium spicy)

Vegetable Pakora €9.95

Fresh vegetables marinated in a medium spiced chickpea flour. Deep fried until golden & served with Taza chutney. (medium spicy)

Aloo Tikki €9.95

Griddled patties of potatoes, peas & spring onions served with tamarind chutney. (mild)

Lobster Tail €20.95 / Double €40.95

Lobster marinated with house spices, served with sauteed mushrooms, peppers, onions, Taza plump and mango chutney.

Beef Bihari €11.95

Slices of beef marinated in garlic, ginger, & spicy yoghurt. Cooked until tender & served with a plum sauce. (spicy)

Lamb Sheesh Kebab €11.95

Ground lamb mixed with onions, garlic, ginger, garam masala & chopped dates. Cooked until sizzling and served with mint yoghurt & beetroot chutney. (medium spicy)

Chicken Boti €11.95

Chicken breast pieces marinated in yoghurt, lemon juice and spices. Cooked slowly and finished with mint yoghurt and tamarind chutney [mild]

Dumba Champ €14.95

Lamb chops marinated in yoghurt & our house masala grilled to perfection. Served with mint raita & house salsa. (medium spicy)

Jhinga €14.50

Jumbo Prawns marinated with garlic, ginger and taza masala. Cooked on the chargrill until golden and sweet and served with an avocado & mustard yoghurt. (medium spicy)

Taza Mix Plate (for two) €28.95

Jhinga, Dumba Champ, Venison Sheesh, Murgh Malai & vegetable pakora. Served with house salsa & chutneys. (medium spicy)

Seafood Platter for two (Samandari Soghat) €49.95

Lobster, Haddock Fish, Crab Claws, Prawns, Cockles, Mussels, Salmon in sauce, small Roti & homemade chutneys.

Lamb Shish €23.95

Ground lamb mixed with onions, garlic, ginger, garam masala. Cooked until sizzling and served with mint yoghurt & beetroot chutney. (medium spicy)

Taza Tandoori Chicken €21.95

Half free-range chicken on the bone. Marinated in yoghurt & our house masala for at least 24 hours. Cooked until succulent in the tandoor and served with coriander & mint raita. (medium spicy)

K2 Steak €24.95

500g chuck steak on the bone marinated in garlic, ginger & spices. Tenderised with papaya & cooked slowly on the chargrill. (medium spicy)

Dumba Champ €28.95

Lamb Chops marinated in yoghurt & our house masala cooked to perfection on the chargrill. Served with vegetable pakora and coriander & mint chutney. (medium spicy)

Mirchi Jhinga €27.95

Chargrilled Jumbo Prawns cooked with fresh garlic & chillies. Served on a bed of prawn fried rice with tomato chutney. (spicy)

Tandoori Cod or Salmon €26.95

Lightly spiced Tandoori cod steaks gently cooked in Tandoori oven with panch phoran. Served with Bombay potatoes, spinach and cockles and finished with tomato coconut sauce. (mild)

Taza Mix Plate €28.95

Jhinga, Dumba Champ, Lamb Shish Kebab, Murgh Malai & vegetable pakora. Served with house salsa & chutneys. (medium spicy)

Seafood Platter (Samandari Soghat) €49.95

Lobster, Haddock Fish, Crab Claws, Prawns, Cockles, Mussels, Salmon in sauce, small Roti & homemade chutneys.

Nalli Nihari €22.95

A deliciously smooth curry of lamb shank slow cooked for 5 hours in a myriad of spices. A Karachi festive classic. (spicy)

Chat Pata Gosht €22.95

Tender pieces of lamb leg in a spicy tomato & ginger-based sauce. Finished with fresh red chillies & coriander. (very spicy)

Palak Soya Methi €22.95

Tender chunks of lamb with sweet baby spinach, dill & fenugreek gently fried in our house masala. Topped with fresh coriander & ginger. (medium spicy)

Taza Tikka Masala €21.95

Marinated Chicken breast cooked in the tandoor and then simmered in a mildly spiced onion & creamy cashew nut sauce. (mild)

Farah’s Chicken Karahi €21.95

A spicy homestyle chicken-on-the-bone curry with fragrant spices & fresh ginger. My wife Farah’s recipe. (spicy)

Chicken Madras €21.95

Authentic Chicken curry from South India. Breast of chicken cooked with panch phoran & coconut milk & lemon. Topped with fried curry leaves. (spicy)


Chicken €21.95; Lamb €22.95;
Beef €23.95; Prawns €24.95

Cooked in a thick masala gravy with stir fried red & yellow peppers. Garnished with spring onion & coriander. (medium spicy)

Beef Lobia €23.95

Chunks of beef cooked in an onion sauce with mustard seeds & garam masala. Tossed with green beans and finished with creamy yoghurt. (mild)

Taza Beef Masala €23.95

Lean cubes of tenderloin beef cooked with whole cumin & coriander seeds and simmered in a tomato, yoghurt & onion sauce. Garnished with fresh mint. (medium spicy)

Beef Garam Masala €23.95

Cubes of beef cooked in tomatoes, onion and house spices until tender and finished with coriander.

Goan Fish Curry €25.95

Monkfish, prawns, cockles & mussels simmered in an onion sauce with mustard seeds. With a blend of lemon juice, curry leaves, coconut milk & chillies. (medium spicy)


Vegetable €17.95; Chicken €21.95; Lamb €22.95; Beef €23.95; Prawns €24.95

Cooked in a medium masala, tomato and onion sauce. Comes with stir-fried peppers and garnished with spring onion, coriander and ginger.


Vegetable €17.95; Chicken €21.95; Lamb €22.95; Beef €23.95; Prawns €24.95

Cooked in a mild sauce of cream, yoghurt and almonds. Topped with almond flakes. [mild]

Lobster Jalfrezi €28.95

Lobster cube cooked in onion and tomato sauce. Ginger, garlic in a slow flame with Taza spices and onions, peppers, finished with coriander and ginger.


Vegetable €17.95; Chicken €21.95; Lamb €22.95; Beef €23.95; Prawns €24.95

Saffron infused basmati rice prepared in stock and spicy yoghurt. Slow cooked, layered and aromatic. Topped with fried onions and fresh coriander.

Taza Fries €6

Triple cooked chips with chat masala served with a curry mayo.

Aloo Gobi €7.95 / €14.95

Potato & Cauliflower with poppy seeds, cooked in tomatoes, onions & spices. Finished with spring onion. (medium spicy)

Channa Masala €7.50 / €14.95

Stew of chickpeas in tomatoes & garam masala finished with coriander.(medium spicy)

Taza Dal €7.95 / €14.95

Red and yellow lentils simmered with toasted cumin seeds & fresh tomatoes. Finished with a touch of butter, crispy fried onions & coriander. (medium spicy)

Mushroom Masala €7.95 / €14.95

Stir-fried mushrooms with garlic, ginger & garam masala. Finished with cream & coriander. (medium spicy)

Palak Paneer €7.95 / €14.95

Homemade cottage cheese simmered in creamy spinach seasoned with garam masala & toasted cashew nuts. (medium spicy)

Basmati Rice

Steamed White Rice €2.95

The fragrant classic.

Pilau Rice €3.50

Cooked in a fragrant broth with aromatic whole spices.

Vegetable Fried Rice €4.95

Chicken Tikka Fried Rice €5.50

Prawns Fried Rice €6.50

Brown Wholemeal €3.95


Naan €2.95

Classic & crispy bread cooked to order in the tandoor.

Garlic Butter Naan €3.50

Rubbed with garlic & butter.

Peshwari Naan €3.95

Filled with coconut flakes, almonds & dried fruits.

Cheese Naan €3.75

Cheddar cheese, red onion & coriander.

Keema Naan €3.95

Filled with lamb mince.

Roti €2.50

Soft thin wholemeal bread cooked to order in the tandoor.

Paratha €3.95

Sweet butter layered whole meal bread cooked in the tandoor.

Fried Haddock & triple cooked chips €12.95

Malai Chicken & triple cooked chips €12.95

Wings & triple cooked chips (spicy or plain) €12.95

Chicken Tikka Masala & Basmati Rice €14.95

Chicken Korma & Basmati Rice €14.95

Vanilla ice cream with raspberry sauce €3.95

Chocolate ice cream with chocolate sauce €3.95

Extra Papadums & Dips €3

Kulfi & Vermicelli €8.50

Sweet aromatic homemade frozen dessert made from cream, milk & cardamom sugar topped with crushed pistachios.

Gulab Jamun €8.50

Evaporated milk solids kneaded into balls with some flour & deep fried at a low temperature.
Soaked in a light sugary syrup & rose water. Served with double cream vanilla ice cream.

Raspberry Sorbet €7

Fresh raspberries mixed with sweet syrup & lime juice.
Frozen and topped with cashew nuts.

Chocolate Brownie €8.50

Hot, Chocolatey, dense & nutty. Served with honeycomb caramel ice cream.

Ice cream €7

Choose 2 from: Silky Smooth Chocolate, Dingle Sea Salt, Honeycomb Caramel & double cream vanilla.

Warm Sticky Toffee Pudding €8.50

With butterscotch sauce and served with brandy basket and vanilla ice cream.

Chef Panna Cotta of the day €7

Served with crunchy crumble and mixed berries

Sparkling Water 750ml €2.50

Still Water 750ml €2.00

Coke €3

Diet Coke 3

Orange €3

7up €3

Diet 7up €3

Apple, Orange or Cranberry €3

Tea (Organic) €2.50

Chamomile, Breakfast, Decaf, Earl Grey, Blueberry, Roib0s, Jasmine, Lemon Green, Peppermint

Espresso €2.50

Double €3.00

Americano €3.00

Latte €3.50

Cappuccino €3.50

Macchiato €3.00

House Masala Chai €4.00

Hot Chocolate €3.50


Draught Cobra Lager Glass 370 ml €4.95

Secco Frizzante Bubbles by the glass €6.75

Cobra Bottle Non Alcoholic 330 ml €4.50

Hope Passifyoucan Pale Ale €6.00


Hope Handsome Jack India Pale Ale €6.00


Hope Underdog 4.8% €6.00


Blue Moon Belgian Wheat Ale 5.4% €6.00


McIvors Cider – plum & ginger 4.0% €7.00


McIvors Cider Medium 4.5% €7.00